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Big Block Street Fighter Aluminum Heads $1495.00 


Price is per set, U.S. dollars complete ready to bolt on.

Our Big Block Street Fighter aluminum head, come with 2.14 and 1.81 Ferrea valves Erson valve springs for .550 lift hydraulic springs, 10 degree locks and retainers. Heads are 84 cc chambers with extra deck material to allow for machining to add more compression.

I offer three levels of porting on the Street Fighter heads so you are able to tailor them to your specific needs. If you’re not sure what that need is allow us to assist you, we just need to know what you are planning on using the motor for and what you are putting it in.

Level I porting: Gasket matching on both [...]

What we do

Here at Toth Performance we analyze every customers’ specific needs. Not every engine build  requires the same type of cylinder head, so it is important to determine what type of use the owner intends on using his project for. The two most critical pieces to your engine build are the cylinder head and camshaft. I personally help each customer determine which level of head porting and camshaft would be best for their specific use. Some customers that are on a tight budget and just want a little more power for driving their car on the street may choose to have their stock steel heads ported which can add 40 to 60 horse power to their engine. I must tell you that in some cases rebuilding the stock heads and upgrading to larger valves can be a little expensive compared to buying a new set of our CPPA/Toth Performance Street Fighter [...]

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