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Big Block Street Fighter Aluminum Heads $1495.00 


Price is per set, U.S. dollars complete ready to bolt on.

Our Big Block Street Fighter aluminum head, come with 2.14 and 1.81 Ferrea valves Erson valve springs for .550 lift hydraulic springs, 10 degree locks and retainers. Heads are 84 cc chambers with extra deck material to allow for machining to add more compression.

I offer three levels of porting on the Street Fighter heads so you are able to tailor them to your specific needs. If you’re not sure what that need is allow us to assist you, we just need to know what you are planning on using the motor for and what you are putting it in.

Level I porting: Gasket matching on both the intake and exhaust ports and clean-up of the bowl area under the valve seats. Price $395.00

Level II porting: Consists of level I porting with the addition of more bowl work and some work on the port entrance and pushrod pinch area. Price $545.00

Level III porting: Consists of level II porting with the addition of complete runner reshaping and enlargement for more total flow. Price $750.00

Once we have decided on the level of porting you will need we can assist you in the selection of the cam you will need to make a killer combination, very important to match your camshaft to the heads for best performance.


The fully ported flow numbers are for a street porting and can be improved on for race only applications. This is done to eliminate over heating problems on street cars.

The head pictured is our Big Block Street Fighter series and has our level III porting it flows in the 290 CFM range @.700 lift. These make a great upgrade from stock heads with the capability of making 600 horse power depending on the rest of your engine combination. Or if you don’t have a set of heads at all they are a better choice than going out and buying a set of used cast steel heads and having them gone through. Which can be quite costly once you install bronze guides, new valves and maybe some new seats. You can increase your engines power by 80 to 100 horse power by bolting on a set of ready to install Street Fighter heads with our level III porting. The heads accept all stock hardware and make a great addition to your ride.

Intake runner in picture is the same head with level III porting.


Small Block Mopar Street Fighter Heads $1495.00 U.S. Dollars


We also offer an aluminum head for the small block LA style Mopars they are 68 CC chambers with thick deck surfaces to allow for milling for desired compression. 2.02 and 1.60 Ferrea valves, Erson valve springs for .550 lift hydraulic cam, 10 degree locks and retainers. They come fully assembled ready to bolt on, all you stock LA components will fit these heads. Bolt these heads on you motor right out og the box and increase your power, or take advantage of our three levels of porting and really step up the power of your ride. As with all our heads we are here to answer all your questions and assist you with tour complete build so don’t be bashful contact me today I would be glad to help.

View of chamber on the small block Street Fighter Heads 68 cc chambers with 2.02 and 1.60 stainless valves. If you are rebuilding your motor or thinking about up-grading to aluminum heads these are the heads for you. Contact us today with your questions, Toth Performance 724-791-2514.

The CPPA/Toth Performance small block aluminum Street Fighter head have conventional LA style exhaust ports so you can even use your stock exhaust manifolds if you like. No need to rebuild your old small block cast iron heads when for a few dollars more you can step up to an aluminum head that flows as good out of the box as a ported cast iron stock head.