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What we do

Here at Toth Performance we analyze every customers’ specific needs. Not every engine build  requires the same type of cylinder head, so it is important to determine what type of use the owner intends on using his project for. The two most critical pieces to your engine build are the cylinder head and camshaft. I personally help each customer determine which level of head porting and camshaft would be best for their specific use. Some customers that are on a tight budget and just want a little more power for driving their car on the street may choose to have their stock steel heads ported which can add 40 to 60 horse power to their engine. I must tell you that in some cases rebuilding the stock heads and upgrading to larger valves can be a little expensive compared to buying a new set of our CPPA/Toth Performance Street Fighter line of aluminum heads. Or in some cases my customers don’t have a set of stock heads to begin with and it makes more sense to purchase a set of Street Fighter heads rather than going to a swap meet and buying a set of stock heads and having them done. You never know what you get when buying used. Sometimes the cost of repairing a used set of heads can come close to the cost of a new set of aluminum heads. 

If a customer decides to use his heads for the project and sends them to me I thoroughly inspect them and give them an estimate on the cost to do their heads before any work is started, there are no surprises here. Although at times we have unanticipated price increases from our suppliers that may change the final price. We do have some Mopar stock steel casting head cores available also for those of you that choose not to go with an aluminum head.

Once a customer has decided what type of head he wants to use and we determine their intended use the port work begins. The beauty of hand porting heads is every set is custom tailored for your engine. Which means you receive a head designed for your specific intended purpose and not one cut from a CNC program that is a one size fits all. I do our level II porting on the majority of the heads I do for customers that just want to build a hot street car and maybe take to the race track on occasion. The reason I usually suggest the level II porting is if the customer would ever choose to go with a larger camshaft to enhance the performance even more they can do so without having to remove the heads for more port work and it doesn’t affect the performance in a negative manor with a smaller cam. I can’t tell you how many times I have had people come into the shop telling me they bought a set of big port aftermarket heads at a swap meet and put them on their car and the performance dropped. They ask me what I can do to help them. I tell them the same thing the reason you bought them at a swap meet is because they didn’t work for the first owner either and he replaced them with a set that would. Big port aftermarket are intended for all out race applications and work well at sustained higher RPM such as drag racing once you leave the line the rpm usually stays above 5000. That’s why cars today perform better with trans breaks, they enable the car to launch at a much higher rpm than you can by foot breaking the car. Reason being the engine is getting up into the rpm range where the big port head is starting to work. 

I will explain quickly why a big port head does not work for most street applications. There are two factors that apply to a good working head CFM and port velocity, this is why a big port head doesn’t work well for street driving. The larger the port the slower the air and fuel mixture moves through it. This causes poor volumetric efficiency and loss of power. The only way to get the velocity up in a large port head is with higher rpm’s that is why they work best on race only motors or street cars with 4.30 or lower rear end gears. To quickly sum up all that I have said you can have your stock heads ported and add 40 to 50 hp. to your engine or move up to a set of our Street Fighter aluminum heads with the level II porting and add 75 to 100 hp. to your project engine.

Toth Performance is here to aid you through the process of building your engine not just to sell you parts that won’t work or you don’t really need for to make your project work. Give us a call before you start you project we can give you some ideas on how to save some of your money for the rest of your project. I races for over thirty years on a budget and did quite well at our local tracks. I ran the fastest bracket and had a lot of fun without any sponsors and won a lot of races in the process. 


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