Here at Toth Performance we analyze every customers’ specific needs.

Not every engine build requires the same type of cylinder head, so it is important to determine what type of use the owner intends on using his project for.

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Who am I?
Who am I?
I am a long time cylinder head porter and high performance engine builder with 40 years of experience. I was an avid and successful drag racer for over 30 years. I started building my own engines and porting heads back in the early 1970’s. I specialize in Mopars but I do all brands of cylinder heads including Harley Davidson motorcycles. I have spent many years developing cylinder heads to perform to my customer’s specific needs for the application they intend to use their car for. We want satisfied customers, there is no better advertisement than a customer telling their friends how happy he or she is with your products.
What we do here at Toth Performance is create cylinder heads for our customers that match your needs for the application you intend on using them for. We don’t sell “cookie cutter heads” in other words when you contact me about a set of heads we will go over a list of questions on what your intended use for the heads is. Then I can determine the level of porting needed. Not everyone needs a set of fully ported race heads for their engine. If I sold you a set of max ported heads for your car that you are planning on running on the street most of the time you would be very disappointed in the performance. We strive to have satisfied customers. There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer telling all of his friends about us. We also specialize in the Mopar Poly style engines and have been doing research on these motors for Roland at Chrysler Power Magazine for some time. I am writing a continuing series of articles for the magazine on the Poly and also our line of new aluminum CPPA/Toth Performance Street Fighter performance heads.
Why do you want to have you cylinder heads ported or purchase a set of ported heads from us? The fastest and least expensive way to ad power and torque to your engine is to either have your cylinder heads ported or purchase a set of our new aluminum Street Fighter series heads from us.
The easiest way to increase power in your engine is to increase the air flow through the motor thus increasing the volumetric efficiency of the motor and making more power. The biggest restriction to the air flow is usually the cylinder heads and second is the intake and carburetor. Another important aspect of having a great running engine is selecting the correct camshaft. It is essential that the camshaft matches your cylinder head potential for best results, and best results make happy customers and that is what we are all about at Toth Performance. A set of ported heads can add 50 to 80 horse power to you engine depending on your combination and in some cases over 100 horse power with optimum combination.
We also offer complete stroker kits the” Do IT Yourselfer” For most Mopar engines. All kits come balanced. We will be happy to help with the best stroker kit for your combination. We specialize in Mopars but do cylinder head porting on all brands including Harley Davidson motorcycles. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on our products.

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